About KCG

King Conservation Group, LLC specializes in home performance and energy efficiency. What we really do is make families more comfortable.

King Conservation Group (KCG) was founded with a single purpose: to increase the energy efficiency, safety, and comfort of the places that we live and work in every day. We accomplish this by treating the home as a system and using advanced testing techniques to diagnose necessary energy upgrades and quantify results. KCG offers custom services to meet your needs ranging from Residential Home Energy Assessments to evaluating light commercial spaces and office buildings.

Home Energy Assessments are the first step in determining where to invest in energy upgrades for your home. A trained and certified KCG Building Scientist will come to your home at your convenience and provide education, testing, and a detailed report so that you can make the most educated decisions regarding your home’s energy usage. Instead of agonizing over whether to replace the windows, insulate the attic, or replace your furnace with a geothermal system; let us make sure you’re spending your money on targeted solutions. KCG customers often find that their energy upgrades pay for themselves via savings in as little as 1-5 years!

A typical Home Energy Assessment includes:

  • Homeowner Interview to learn about comfort issues, energy concerns, and client goals.
  • Blower Door Testing to quantify and understand air movement in and out of the home.
  • Thermal Imaging to locate insulation defects and air leakage.
  • Combustion Safety Testing to ensure furnaces and other combustion appliances operate within normal ranges.
  • Appliance Evaluation to determine energy usage of major appliances in the home.
  • Choose KCG to install your energy upgrades and you can realize additional savings!