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Our Home Comfort Experts will test your home to identify potential improvements and recommend the best solutions.

Making your home more efficient, safe, and comfortable

We accomplish this by treating the home as a system and using advanced testing techniques to diagnose necessary energy upgrades and quantify results

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Get the most out of your home comfort investment

Before paying for new windows, insulating the attic, or swapping the furnace with a geothermal system…

Let us make sure you’re spending your money on targeted solutions. KCG customers often find that their energy upgrades pay for themselves via savings in as little as 1-5 years!

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Your Home Efficiency, Safety, and Comfort Expert Services

We offer custom services to meet your needs ranging from Residential Home Energy Assessments to evaluating light commercial spaces and office buildings.

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Residential Energy Assesment

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Insulating & Energy Conservation Services

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Light Commercial & Office Building Assessment

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See how someone just like you found their way to enjoying a more efficient, safe, and comfortable home.

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