Start With A Certified Home Energy Assessment

Our Process begins by discovering your home’s energy saving opportunities using our industry certified Residential Energy Assessment.

Our Energy Assessment prioritizes home comfort, efficiency, and safety improvements. Using a variety of advanced techniques such as blower door testing and thermal imaging, we determine where your home is losing energy and so you can make smart, targeted upgrades to your home.

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What is a Home Energy Assessment?

Simply put, the Home Energy Assessment is our process to discovering how to rid your home of uncomfortable cold spots, hot zones, and expensive energy leakage.

A trained and industry certified KCG Home Comfort Specialist will come to your home at your convenience and provide education, testing, and a detailed report so that you can make the most educated decisions regarding your home’s energy usage.

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A typical Home Energy Assessment includes:

  • Homeowner Interview to learn about comfort issues, energy concerns, and client goals.
  • Bower Door Testing to quantify and understand air movement in and out of the home.
  • Thermal Imaging to locate insulation defects and air leakage.
  • Combustion Safety Testing to ensure furnaces and other combustion appliances operate within normal ranges.
  • Choose KCG to install your energy upgrades and you can realize additional savings!

See Our BPI Certified Residential Energy Assessment In Action

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See how someone just like you found their way to enjoy a more efficient, safe, and comfortable home.

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No More High Energy Bills, Unusable Spaces, or  Uncomfortable Drafts

We fix homes and make families more comfortable.

The biggest energy issues in a home are often located in the unseen places likes attics, crawlspaces, and behind knee walls. It takes experience and expertise to make the changes that lead to a more comfortable home. We are those experts.

KCG uses training and expertise guided by experience to identify and solve comfort issues in your home.

Testimonials and Success Stories

“I highly recommend contacting KCG to help with your home’s energy issues. KCG came in and did a complete audit of our home to show us where our issues were and helped us create a plan of action to address the most serious issues right away. The team worked efficiently, and I barely knew they were in our home. We saw a noticeable difference in our energy bill and have seen our budget billing amount go down every 3 months. We would use KCG again without question.”

Erin, Lancaster, PA

“I had King Conservation Group insulate my 1960’s home attic and am very pleased with the work and results. I immediately noticed a difference in comfort as the work was done in January. They were professional and polite. I highly recommend them for any attic air sealing/insulation work.”

Justin, Lititz, PA

How To Get Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an energy assessment take?

Our energy assessments typically take around 2-3 hours. Of course, this depends on the size of the home and what we’re finding during the assessment. Our goal is to be efficient but thorough as we test your home.

How long until I receive my Home Energy Report?

We aim to provide you with your Home Energy Report within a week (although it’s often sooner). Each report is a custom look at your home with detailed findings.

What do I need to do to prepare my home for an energy assessment?

To prepare your home for an energy assessment, we ask that you make sure entrances to attics, crawlspaces, and knees wall storage spaces are not blocked. I you have an open, wood-burning fireplace we recommend that you clean out the ashes. We’re also trying to create a temperature difference between inside and outside in order to see better with the thermal camera, so keep your windows closed and use your heating or cooling as normal.

Does it have to be a certain time of year to see with the thermal camera?

No, we can use the thermal camera effectively year-round. Images may be a little more dramatic in hot or cold weather, but we only require a small difference in temperature between inside and outside to identify air leakage.

How do I know if I qualify for rebates?

Change “As approved contractors, we know the details and processes to effectively take advantage of local utility rebate programs. We’re pros at navigating the fine print and many times we can submit the required documents for you!

Do you offer services to implement the recommendations from your home energy assessment?

Yes! KCG has the experience and expertise to implement these energy upgrades effectively. Many of our recommended projects require a level of detail and building science knowledge that other contractors simply can’t provide. We use industry leading materials and equipment to complete your projects. For solar installation projects, we recommend Belmont Solar, a local solar installation company located in Gordonville, PA.

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